Brett Waters Sanctuary
Psychic services and role-playing games where your adult energies blend with other like souls in a fantasy setting and your adult nature comes out in gay and straight scenes.

Woman-on-Top: Preserving Society's Future
Discusses the Biblical basis for why the woman-on-top sexual position should be used exclusively.

Sanctified Singles, Christian Growth.
Christian ministry for singles. Over 200 articles on living a sanctified life. Audio lessons and a forum about physical loneliness.

Official Rockbitch Headquarters
The Rockbitch women explain the philosophy behind their Music, Communal lifestyle, and Sexuality.

Ancient Sexuality
Philosophy and ancient religion, including information about divine sexuality.

Mama Sutra's Adore Yourself Page
Provides information about body acceptance, magic, sacred sexuality, and women-centered spirituality.

The Divine Metaphor: God began Creation by Masturbation
Explanation of a theory that claims the way to understanding creation is through the meditation of masturbation.

Bioethical Problems
A cybernetics approach to sexuality and reproduction. Animal husbandry in schools and institutions. Sardonic satire. The Humanist 1960's campaign re-visited.

Love Now
Polyamorous philosophy to promote "sexpeace" and the idea that peace begins within you.

Sexual Spirituality
An exploration of a sexually vibrant spirituality for today.

More Spirituality Sites