Offering A Sanctuary for those Injured by Sexual Shame. Offering help and hope to sex addicts and their families.

For those who have been affected by their partner's online addictions or cyberaffairs.

Hermes' Web
Professional consultation on sexual health including disorders, trauma, addiction, violence, abuse, and harassment.

Understanding Sexual/Love Addiction
Offers sexual addiction screening and recovery tools for clinicians, addiction counselors, support team members and addicts. Online support group meetings and newsletter.

William Johnston, Counsellor
General counselling service for individuals and couples. Particular experience in the fields of anxiety and sex addiction

Heart to Heart Counseling Center
Free newsletters, FAQs, and other resources for sex addicts. Includes information on conferences, books, and videos. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Recovery from Sexual Addiction
Numerous original articles explaining sex addiction as well as links to specially chosen articles on the web. Written by psychologist David Bissette, Psy.D. from Washington, DC.

Offering sex addiction and recovery resources from international sex addiction expert Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

The National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity
A non-profit organization dedicated to education and referral services. Offers membership for lay public and professionals specializing in the treatment of addiction, offending behaviors, and trauma. Includes a nationwide listing of affiliated counselors.

Sex Addiction Recovery Resources
Comprehensive collection of sex addiction recovery resources on the Internet. Selections are categorized by Christian and secular approaches.

More Sexual Addiction Sites