Blount Nurses For Health Education
Information on abstinence, safe sex, sexual education, STDs, and condoms.

Teen Health
Topics include teen sexuality, sexual orientation, STD's, pregnancy, and sexual assault. The site is maintained by Dalhousie Medical School students.

Robbins' Enterprises
Created to provide the general public with information on sexuality and human growth to promote sexual fitness. Site offers articles, headlines, book list, and FAQs.

Heart to Heart Counselling Centre
Dr. Rajan B. Bhonsle, M.D. offers sex education for everyone through certificate courses on how to become a sex educator, sex counsellor, or sex therapist. Based in Mumbai, India.

Youth Shakers
Sexual health information and advocacy by and for young people from around the world.

Sex Education Link Directory
A directory of scientific, medical, research, cultural, religious, and political sexual topics.

Overview for Guiding Teen Sexuality
Background information, stories, tips, Q and A with experts, and counseling referrals.

Jane DiVita Woody, PhD, MSW
Professor of Social Work at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Information about new book for the general public, "How Can We Talk About That?" Also includes links and articles on educating children about sex.

San Francisco Sex Information
Provides online information and a free information and referral switchboard providing anonymous, accurate, non-judgmental information about sex. Send questions via e-mail, they may get answered in the weekly advice column!

Discussing Birds and Bees: Start When Your Kids Are Very Young
Experts from the Mayo Clinic recommend discussing sexual matters when your child is still young, since this will help establish sex as an acceptable topic of conversation.

More Sex Education Sites