Sex Purity Test for Women
An medium-length test with some fun questions for females of all sexual orientations.

Hotspots - Global Sex Survey and Sex Aptitude Test
Find how people really feel about sex, dating, and relationships. See results displayed by age, sex, country, and marital status.

The Sex Quiz Site
A list of free funny, silly and naughty online sex quizzes and surveys collected from the web.'s Slut Test
An interesting test with some fun questions. Rate yourself against others who have taken the same test.

The Unisex, Omnisexual Purity Test
The de facto standard 500 question purity test.'s Purity Test
An online test.

A sex appeal test via palm-reading theory.

The Unisex Purity Test
A 2000 point purity test. Scores can be submitted to the Database of Perversion to rank your percentage purity against other people's.