Equal Rights for Gay and Lesbian Homosexuals Alike
Forums of political debates on how prejudice is caused by fear of the truth, not knowing the facts, and judging others through hatred.

Justice for Oliver Jovanovic
Maintained by the Jovanovic Legal Defense Fund, relating to the conviction of an individual for acts he claimed were part of a consensual BDSM scene.

Sex, Censorship, and the Internet
Examines academic freedom, restrictions to prevent vulgarity, and students' freedom of speech on university networks.

Age of Consent
Articles and discussions about young people, sexuality and the law. No pictures, not a porn site.

BDSM D/S and the Law: Legal Issues of Concern to Kinky People
An attorney's opinions on civil and criminal laws affecting BDSM activities, and how to deal with police if they become involved.

Modern Sexual Taboos and Their Morality
An essay that questions current moral issues surrounding masturbation, homosexuality, prostitution, nudism, Free Love, incest, zoophilia, and pedophilia.

Information about the 1992 'Spanner Case' in which men in Britain were found guilty of assault for consensual sadomasochic sexual activity. Includes original copies of statements and press releases.