Promotes education about sexual interests related to seeing, handling, or popping latex balloons. Also offers information on different types of globophiles and the history of this practice.

Bondage Calgary
A BDSM information site with articles and information about safety, techniques, needs, legality, local resources for Calgary, Alberta, Canada, BDSM Personals, and a discussion forum.

Advice, help and information about sexuality for teens. Sections for both males and females.

The Wolven Den
A clean personal site of WolfJLupus, a furry zoophile zoosexual exclusive wolf. Includes artwork, photos, poetry, truth, depth and confusion.

NPR Talk of the Nation: "Friends with Benefits"
Ever heard of a 'friend with benefits?' And when teenagers say they 'hooked up' -- does it mean they met a friend at a club, 'fooled around,' or actually had sex? Join NPR's Neal Conan and his guests for the latest dispatches from the frontlines of courtship. [32:49 Realaudio broadcast]

Information about the use of sex toys and alternative sexual ideas and practices.