The E.F. Schumaker Society's Local Currency Library
The Society is an educational non-profit organization focusing on social and environmental sustainability. This page links to articles about local economics and materials on operating a local currency system.

Project LETS List
A database of LETS-systems and resources around the world. Compiled by volunteers who add new links, and help keep the database up to date.

Ithaca HOURs Online
Pioneering local money program tbat inspired dozens around the US and the world. Website describes how it works, development and history of local currencies, media coverage over the years, how to start and maintain your own local currency, list of businesses accepting HOURS, and a local currency starter kit.

The New Alchemists by David Boyle
From Resurgence Magazine. The local currency revolution means new kinds of money which are kinder to the planet.

An overview of LETSystems, local currencies and the future of money. Also a list of frequently asked questions, a guide to starting your own LETSystem, and free software for running a LETSystem. [From Greater Manchester LETS in the UK]