The Freemason
Masonic web portal for Freemasons and Freemasonry worldwide. News from Grand Lodge. Research documents and explore Masonic history and symbols.
The Em@son portal site. Masonic web hosting.

American Serbian Eastern Rite Brothers
For American Freemasons of Serbian descent. Includes history and scholarship information.

Freemasonry & Masons
Have you ever considered becoming a mason? Information about masons and freemasonry from the Grand Lodge of Michigan.

Masonic Forum Magazine
Has both a Romanian and an English version and contains information about Masonic symbolism, interviews, portraits of famous masons and moments of the history of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry Australia
The directory and entry point for all Australian Grand Lodges, and all matters masonic within Australia.

WMA Masonic on-line diary
Calendar of Freemasons Meetings and personal Masonic Diary. Currently Notts, Derby and Lincs. under UGLE

Paul M. Bessel's Freemasonry Index
Several hundred articles of research on many issues affecting modern Freemasonry. Historical research papers and links.

Port Orchard Masonic Family
Links to Masonic groups meeting in Port Orchard, Washington.

NPR : Hidden Treasures: Sacred Relics of the Freemasons
In Boston, the birthplace of the American Freemasonry society, some ceremonial objects are considered so sacred, they're kept locked away. As part of the Hidden Treasures Radio Project, Harriet Baskas goes inside the Grand Lodge's vaults for a look at objects with ties to such illustrious Freemasons as George Washington and Paul Revere. [5:51 Realaudio broadcast]

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