French Law and Unofficial Orders
A discussion of the laws in France dealing with practices of unrecognized orders.

The Order of the Knights of Jubal
Recent organization seeking to promote justice, mercy, and defense of others. Includes description of order, oath of the order and list of its "cells."

Knighthood and Orders of Chivalry
Includes introduction to knighthood, medieval women and orders, general and order-specific historical information and an essay on the legitimacy of orders.

Corpo della Nobilta Sammarinese - Association of the Nobility of San Marino
Discusses the organization and titles. [Italian/English]

Sovereign as 'Fountain of Honour': Knighthood
Discusses the nature and history of knighthood in the United Kingdom and gives information about UK orders.

Confederation of the Polish Nobility
Founded in 1995 to organize and represent the noble estate and to promote and conserve the cultural heritage, material and spiritual, of Polish chivalry. Includes basic facts about the organization and Polish chivalry.

Society of the Golden Fleece
Association of those interested in the Order of the Golden Fleece. Includes history, insignia and knights of the order.