WorkSafe Technologies offers
A variety of products such as QuakeMats, SeismaFlex, GripStrip, TekGrip fasteners and ISO-Base platform to secure non structural seismic hazards.

Open Seismic Project
Consulting project to empower civil/structural engineers with shared resources of the Internet.

Earthquake Protection Systems Inc.
One of the seismic isolation bearing manufacturers offers complete seismic isolation services, including design support, manufacturing, testing, and construction support.

Taylor Devices, Inc.
Promotes its products for energy absorption, motion control, impact reduction, controlled deceleration, rate control, machinery impact, air blast, vibration reduction, seismic protection, and earthquake isolation.

GeoSystems Consultants, Inc.
Offers identification of the causative fault, site response studies, seismic risk assessment, liquefaction potential analysis and mitigation.