California University
Department of Physics: Condensed Matter Physics: Zettl Research Group: research into the electronic, magnetic, and structural properties of novel materials, including nanostructures such as telescoping nanotube bearings. (Berkeley)

Cambridge University
Department of Engineering: Nanoscale Science Laboratory: nanotubes, nanomagnetics, nanowires, spin dependent transport, nanotribology, sensors, scanning probe microscopy, electron beam lithography, and an introduction to nanotechnology.

Washington University (DURINT)
Defense University Research Initiative on Nanotechnology Project - use combinatorial biology techniques to select surface-specific polypeptides, and then use these Genetically Engineered Proteins for Inorganics (GEPIs) for assembling functional nanostructures for optical and electronic applications.

Washington University
Center for study and research in nanotechnology, offering cross disipline graduate courses in the field.

Newcastle upon Tyne University
Centre for Nanoscale Science & Technology: multidisciplinary research centre linking scientists, engineers, medical researchers, and clinicians developing micro and nanodevices and technologies for applications in biology, biotechnology and medicine.

Cranfield University
Nanotechnology Group, Advanced Materials Department: Research, facilities and courses, including the MSc in Microsystems and Nanotechnology, the first nanotechnology degree course in Europe.

Alberta University
Department of Physics, Centre for Nanoscale Physics: ultrafast microscopy, ultrafast spectroscopy, nanocrystals and ion implantation, modelling of dynamics at solid surfaces, superconductivity, phase transitions and biophysics.

Albany Institute of Nanotechnology and Applied Sciences
Research facility affiliated with the University at Albany engaged in a variety of nanoscience fields, including MEMS. Pictures and facility descriptions, news, events, staff profiles, bibliography.

Royal Holloway, University of London
Consists of five academic staff specialising in aspects of the fabrication and measurement of nanostructures. Includes people, jobs, facilities and postgraduate courses.

Illinois University
The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology: molecular and electronic nanostructures; computational electronics; scanning tunneling microscopy, including lithography and fabrication; semiconductor nanostructures and photonics; synthesizing and characterizing new materials.