Jacob's Ladder
(Climbing Arc) Construction informative page on these very dangerous devices.

Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ:
How to make a Jacob's Ladder

Snock's High Voltage Page
Various high voltage generating circuits, pictures, experiments

Voltage Multipliers
Description and construction of a Greinacher or Cockroft Walton generator. The site is in French, but a few places are in English.

Arcing on a Jacob's Ladder.
A high voltage generator to feed a Jacob's Ladder is designed, simulated and built.

HV arc transmitters, theory, history and tidbits of knowledge. Excellent source of information.

University of Waterloo
The High-Voltage Engineering Group is involved in: voltage collapse, bifurcations and chaos in power systems.

200 kV Voltage Multiplier
By using only capacitors and diodes, these voltage multipliers can step up relatively low voltages to extremely high values, while at the same time being far lighter and cheaper than transformers.

Bates Linear Accelerator Center
Serious high voltage.

Van de Graaff Generators
Belt driven electrostatic generators using an exciter circuit and the friction machines and capable of DC lightning. How-to, pictures, text, files, and links.

More Generators Sites