Search engine for your photos. It allows you to enter multiple criteria in order to efficiently according to your text.

Triangle Software: Geometry and Image Processing
Building upon 10 years of academic research and software engineering experience, Triangle Software builds and licenses image processing and 3D model optimization software. Our software has been used in the field in the most challenging environments.

Avian Systems
Software for image analysis, image mining, image processing, pattern recognition, bio, medical, earth, geo, eco, space, industrial inspection, computer vision, robotics, automation.

C-VIS Computer Vision and Automation
Products and custom-built solutions for visual inspection, biometric identification / face recognition, and intelligent video surveillance

BiAlith Image Processing Resources
Provides software and information for scientific image processing in application areas of medicine, astronomy, forensic science. Processes include: deconvolution, registration, measurement and volume visualisation.

Software that extracts measurements and 3D models from photographs.

Bersoft Image Measurement
Software to measure length, angle, segments, perimeter and area in digital images.

Specializes in forensic and medical video image processing. Also supplies services and advanced software products for video image processing.

Datavision - Digital Image Processing
Developers of advanced signature verification software.

Separates the odd and even fields of QuickTime movie into to two frames, doubling the frame rate. Then, recompresses the final result.

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