A High Precision Ultrasonic Chilled Surface Dew Point Sensor
Micro Conversion Technology Company

Self-Compensating Ultrasonic System for Flaw Characterization in Steel Bridge Structures
Center for Quality Engineering and Failure Prevention and the California Department of Transportation.

Computational Ultrasonics
Bioacoustics Research lab

Subsurface Imaging
Bioacoustics Research lab

Ultrasonic Inspection Simulation at SwRI
The multi-Gaussian beam model is an analytical solution of Gaussian wave propagation and it uses paraxial approximation. Such an analytical solution has made this beam model very computationally efficient. The MGB model can compute the propagation of ultrasound from planar or bi-cylindrically focused elliptical-element transducers. This model can also propagate ultrasound through curved interfaces in non-symmetry planes.

Bat Ultrasonic Location System
AT&T Laboratories Cambridge.

NDT Methods for Flaw Detection during Welding
BRITE-EURAM II Project 5907

Experiments on Surface Waves
Novel Patterns and Chaotic Dynamics of Surface Waves. Nonlinear Physics and Fluid Dynamics Lab (Haverford College)

Ultrasonic Position Measurement
The primary purpose of this thesis is to use several ultrasonic receivers and transmitters to implement a position measurement system. By combining range measurements from several receivers and knowing the position of the receivers relative to each other it is possible to use triangulation theory to implement the proposed position measurement system.

Bond Strength Measurement in a Three Layer Sandwich
Liviu Singher, Department of Quality Assurance and Reliability, Agricultural Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.