Discussions of loudspeaker plans and designs. Sealed, isobaric, ported, mtm, speaker, esotar, tweeter, woofer, midrange, speaker building

Sound Science Imitates Art
Physical Review (1998)

Prediction of earthquakes with AE/MS? Why not?
H.L. Dunegan, May, 1996

Computer animations of the physical processes - waves.

Art Ludwig's Sound Page
contains quite a bit of information on acoustics.

Leak detection methods for plastic water distribution pipes.
Institute for Research in Construction

Gavreau's Infrasound Weapons
Dr. Gavreau and his staff made a observation which, not only interrupted their work, but became their major research theme. They periodically experienced a disconcerting nausea which flooded the research facility. Low frequency sound (7 Hz) could resonate and cause nausea.