Postmodernist Theories of International Relations
A bibliography of titles in international relations theory which propose postmodernism as a way to explain and understand world politics.

Political Systems, Violence, and War
A paper prepared for the US Institute of Peace, by R.J. Rummel examines the relationship between democratic and socialist political systems and their propensity for war.

Foreign Policy: International relations: one world, many theories
Article by Stephen M. Walt in the Spring 1998 issue of Foreign Policy.

A Second Image
A constructivism resource with texts of online papers on constructivist theory and approaches, as well as bibliographies and related links.

Peace Between Nations
Essay discussing the causes of war and the underlying situation from the point of view of intelligent systems.

English School of International Relations Theory
Professor Barry Buzan hosts the home page of the reconvened "English School" approach to the study of International Relations, including an extensive bibliography of works related to the English School and a number of recent conference papers.