New Macroeconomic Model
Develops a macroeconomic model based on a new price theory.

The Concept of Regressive-Dynamic Taxation
Introduces the concept of regressive-dynamic taxation, which suggests economic growth incentives and legalization of the shadow sector in transition economy countries.

Central Banks of the World
A central bank directory and resource center maintained by Mark Bernkopf.

New Open Economy Macroeconomics
Links to research papers in the field of open economy macroeconomics.

Economic Growth - Paul M Romer
An introduction to new growth theory from The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics.

Global Macroeconomics
Academic research as well as links to issues related to global macroeconomics.

The Eastward Enlargement of the Eurozone
Provides description and results of an international three-year research project on the eastward enlargement of the eurozone (2001-2004).