CIESIN Dataset Guide
Georeferenced Population Data Sets for various countries

City Population
Principal cities and agglomerations of the world and of many countries (tables and maps).

Demography and Population Studies WWW Virtual Library
Organized collection of Internet links.

DemoGraphics '96 and DemoTables '96
Software developed for the United Nations Population Fund displayes population trends between 1950 and 2050 for all countries worldwide - in animated charts and maps.

Comparative Study of Aging and Health in Asia (AHA)
AHA is a multi-country collaborative study of health among older Asians. The project uses existing longitudinal survey data to study health transitions in four Asian countries: Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

National Statistics Offices
Index to national statistics offices worldwide.

People Facts
Vital population statistics for countries presented in a sortable display.

Searchable directory of population-related websites. Search by topic or keyword, by organization, or through a clickable world map. Topics include Demographic Statistics, Economics, Education, Environment, Gender, Policy and Reproductive Health.

World Population and Demographic Data -
Annotated collection of links.

Integrated Population, Land Use, and Emissions Data Project (CIESIN)
Linking georeferenced demographic and socioeconomic data with remote sensing data on land cover and use. Site offers access to several significant population-related and geographic databases.

More Demography and Population Studies Sites