Violence, Crime, Justice
Small collection of links to guidelines, courses, and rules.

John Walker Crime Trends Analysis
Stats and research findings on trends in crime and justice in Australia. Methods of forecasting trends in crime and prison populations. Estimates of the extent of global crime and money laundering.

Criminal Profiling
Criminologist Wayne Petherick reveals the origins of criminal profiling and its use in crime solving.

International Crime Victims Survey
Standardized surveys regarding household experience with crime, policing, and crime prevention. Methodology and key data is available.

Faust Global Criminology
Personal page of a criminologist. Includes analysis of several issues and links to related websites.
An educational resource for the learning, researching, and teaching of theoretical criminology.

Crime Library: Predicting the Dangerousness of A Criminal
Analyzing the ways and habits of criminals to see if they will strike again.

Criminal Profiling Research
Features information about scientific research and resources dealing with profiling.

Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology
Furthers criminological research within member countries, and advises the Scandinavian governments and the Nordic Council on related issues. Includes information about the council, publications and links.

Crime Prevention Analysis Lab (CPAL)
California State University, San Bernardino research center in environmental criminology. Describes methodologies, data analysis and crime mapping projects, research areas, and affiliations; also provides related links and event calendar.

More Criminology Sites