Bahla Fort
The ruins of the immense fort, with its walls and towers of unbaked brick and its stone foundations, is a remarkable example of this type of fortification and attests to the power of the Banu Nebhan.

Archaeological Proofs Show Majan is Contemporary Oman
From Times of Oman, An international seminar, entitled ‘Majan across the eras and its trade relations with Bilad Al Rafidain (Mesopotamia) and Wadi Al Sind (Indus Valley)’, which is organised by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, opened at Muscat InterContinental Hotel under the auspices of the Minister of Heritage and Culture.

Ministry of National Heritage & Culture
Since the establishment of the Ministry in the mid seventies, programs and plans were made to initiate a wide operation in the field of excavations and archaeological survey.

Italian Mission to Oman
The expedition of the University of Pisa aims to study the history of the region of Khor Rhori and its ancient port of Sumhuram. History, maps, description, plan and photographs.

German Archaeological Expedition to the Sultanate of Oman
Description of archaeological expeditions to the Sultanate of Oman and database of archaeological sites.

Al Ain Museum
Al Ain museum illustrates the remote past of the United Arab Emirates as well as the more recent history.

Oman Archaeology Network
Project description for the Oman Archaeology Network proposed by the Oman Studies Center. Its aim is to bring together archaeologists with a special interest in Oman.

Ibri is an important historical site on the Arabian peninsula and its appeal mainly lies in some 90 grave sites spread across a four-square kilometre area in Wadi al Shajar in Bat.