International Directory of Aegean Prehistorians
Searchable directory entries for over 300 Aegean prehistorians.

Runnels, Curtis N.
Profile of this Boston University Associate Professor. Research interests include the prehistoric archaeology of the Aegean and the origins and dispersal of agriculture in the eastern Mediterranean world.

Elster, Ernestine
Brief profile of this Research Associate, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology. Research interests include prehistoric technology of Greece and the Balkans.

Poulianos, Aris
Brief biography and bibliography of this founder of the Anthropological Association of Greece.

Cosmopoulos, Michael
Profile of this University of Missouri Professor. Research interests include the social, political, and cultural history of ancient Greece.

Papadopoulos, John
Brief profile of this University of California, Los Angeles, Assistant Professor. Research interests include Aegean prehistory and Greek and Italian archaeology.