Experience-Rich Anthropology
A learning resource designed to help students explore the relationships between field data and analysis.

Indigenous Knowledge
A handbook of ethnographic methods for international development projects. The guide features techniques for recording and using indigenous knowledge and presents case studies.

The Multi-Site Study: An Innovative Research Methodology
A paper by Josée Audet and Gérald d'Amboise that describes a qualitative approach designed to gain an in-depth knowledge of the organizational phenomenon known as strategic scanning.

Exploring Multi-Layered Representations in Research
A paper by Kathryn De Lawter, Adrienne Sosin, and Julie Mabey that describes a multi-layered qualitative action research methodology.

Center for Anthropology and Science Communications
Information about communicating anthropology to the public and through science media.

Calculating Kin
Michael D. Fischer's tutorial for understanding the methodology of kinship codes.