TechNet: The Technology Network of the World Bank
Designed to encourage understanding of, and promote the use of science, technology and information in development.

Technology and Culture
A scholarly journal dedicated to the historical study of technology in its relationships with society and culture.

Bay Area Young Scientist Forum
Dedicated to advancing the public understanding of scientific research and the public participation of young investigators outside of their research and development labs in the Silicon Valley.

Science and Institutions
Articles by Luis Gonzalez-Mestres, including topics of science ethics and other social aspects.

American Physical Society Statements
on ethics and values, education, human rights, and national policy, from a physics perspective.

Internet mailing list. Site includes subscription tools and archives.

World Conference on Science
Final reports from the international conference, addressing many aspects of the place of science in society, including ethics, science and technology in economic development, and environmental and economic issues.

- Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (Japan)

Debunking the Conventional Wisdom About the Science Wars
Essays by mathematician Gabriel Stolzenberg arguing that allegations made by Alan Sokal and others of relativist and postmodernist 'science-abuse' in the humanities and social sciences are based largely on hostile misreadings and pop metaphysics.

Hybrid Vigor Institute
Educational organization created to facilitate the exchange and cultivation of interest in interdisciplinary science research. Publications and details of forthcoming conferences.

More Science in Society Sites