Man Transformed
French museum exhibit showing how technology can modify our conception of humanity.

The Edge - The Third Culture
Collected works and ideas of intellectuals whose work bridges the gap that C.P. Snow identified as existing between traditional intellectuals and the sciences. Topics include physics, evolutionary biology, philosophy, psychology, artificial life, chaos theory, neural nets, fractals, and others. Scientists Popularizing Science
Collection of articles covering science, technology, and society. Includes stories on evolution, industrial chemicals, energy, and materials.

Panel on Public Affairs of the American Physical Society
in-depth studies on topics ranging from energy and environment to national security issues.

Forum on Physics and Society
Division of the American Physical Society for discussion of science and society issues.

Science For People
Essays, reviews, and other opinion pieces presenting scientific and science policy topics without the jargon.

Politics & Science
Report by the minority staff of the Government Reform Committee assessing the treatment of science and scientists by the Bush Administration.

What the Social Text Affair Does and Does Not Prove
Article by Alan Sokal.

Preeminent Scientists Protest Bush Administration's Misuse of Science
Report from Union of Concerned Scientists, with endorsements.

Resources on risk assessment and risk management in medicine, environment, and society at large.

More Science in Society Sites