Science and Spirit Resources
Covers the broad field of scientific and spiritual thought to foster awareness and dialogue among an interfaith audience, both general and scholarly. Includes articles and calendar of forthcoming events.

Religion and Ecology
Brief introduction to ecotheology and short descriptions of the relationship between individual religions and the environment.

John Templeton Foundation
Funds research to encourage exploration of the moral and spiritual dimensions of the universe and of human potential.

Science and Religion Forum
UK based charity promoting discussion between scientific understanding and religious thought. Includes details of conferences, twice annual publication, and an annual report.

Danish Science-Theology Forum
University of Aarhus based organization promoting dialogue between theology and the natural sciences. Listing of events and full-text articles. [English and Danish]

Zygon Center for Religion and Science
Newsletter and articles, including several by Philip Hefner on human cloning.

Science and Religion Campfire Forum
Web forum about science and religion. [Multiple pop-ups]

Teske, John A.
Professor at Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania. Research interests include science and religion, philosophical psychology, and personality and social psychology. Vita and course syllabi.

Conflicts Between Science and Religion
Overview of several areas of controversy, primarily involving Christian beliefs and Judeo-Christian traditions, from Journal
Wxploration of esoteric paradigms attempting to bridge science and religion, covering society, science, spirituality, philosophy, and poetry.

More Science and Religion Sites