Online Calculators, Conversion Tools, Measurements and Weights
A directory of resources that will calculate a variety of weights and measures.

On-Line Measures Converter
Length, area, mass and weight, volume and capacity, temperature, angles, force, torque, electricals, cloth sizes, and some others.

Body Height Weight Converter
Converts from American to metric units and vice versa.

Netbored Tools
Weight, temperature, length, area, capacity, pressure, speed and time, also currency converters and translators.

FUSE Continuous Viewing Zone Calculator
This calculator can be used to estimate the right ascension and declination of the continuous viewing zone.

Ninja Suit
Specializes in e-tools, such as online converters and calculators, for business, education, science, travel, research and enjoyment purposes.

Convert It
Conversion calculator of physical measurements. Includes metric and English units and also a large range of other possible conversions.

Compound unit calculator and converter. Interface with GNU source code available. In both Spanish (Castellano) and English.

A collection of calculators that run in your web browser.

Best Place to Figure What Equals What. megaConverter is THE resource for units, weights, measures, calculators and converters.

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