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Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator
Computes the standard relations for compressible flow of a perfect gas. Isentropic flow relations, normal shock relations, and oblique shock relations can be calculated.

Fluid Dynamics of Bioreactors
This site summarizes the research currently conducted at the Georgia Institute of Technology on the fluidic characterization of bioreactors.

Scientific American: Working Knowledge: The Flight of the Frisbee
Frisbees are essentially spinning wings that stay aloft thanks to aerodynamic lift and gyroscopic stability.

History of Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics, and Science
Links to historical information.

The Effects of Water Hammer And Pulsations
Explanation of water hammer and pulsation inclusive the formula used to calculate the pressure increase.

Convection in a box.
Experiments with smoke inside a plexiglass box challenge convectional wisdom. Smoke can unexpectedly act heavier than air and then spontaneously reverse.

Transforming Ellipsodial Into Translatory Motion
A report in pdf format describes how ellipsoidal water wave motion can be transformed into translatory motion to exchange polluted water in an almost closed sea bay.

An antibubble is a ball of liquid surrounded by a thin film of air. Pictures, documentation and links.

Fluid Salients in Air, Water, and Solids
Site discusses fluid salients as a cause for ocean wave formation, cloud formation and geologic structure formation. Several small physical models of salients are also discussed.

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