Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program
Depression and loneliness cause thousands of youth who appear to be happy to scream silently in the deepest emotional pain. The YRSPP aims to help.

Facts About Youth Suicide
The information contained helps you understand the suicidal process, recognize the warning signs, and learn ways to help prevent a suicide attempt.

Youth Suicide Prevention Education Program
YSPEP seeks to prevent suicide among adolescents and young adults by providing information and resources to youth, parents and the community.

Befrienders International
A resource with referrals to thousands of suicide helplines worldwide. Includes information about how to help someone who is suicidal and the warning signs of suicide.

The Preventative
Offers suicide prevention information and articles.

Suicide and Teens
Help is available for teens who experience depression and thoughts of suicide. Preventing suicide and surviving it.

With One Voice
A powerful and moving musical drama and crisis program aimed at student, professional, family and community audiences with the goal of diminishing suicide statistics.

Youth Suicide Prevention Program
Dedicated to reducing youth suicide and suicidal behaviors in Washington State. Promotes youth voice, youth-generated media messages, peer advocacy.

Focus Adolescent Services
Resources and information on teen suicide, depression, personality disorders and other issues affecting teens and their families.

Teen Suicide Help
Help for suicidal teens, including links to other help sites.

More Suicide Sites