Bullies and Bullying
A look at what makes people bullies, how they pick their victims, and how to deal with them. Also Includes information dealing with idenification of bullies.

Stand Up for Student Rights with ISRA
International Student Response Alliance has a web site now. Stand up for the rights of students and join for free today. Site also contains essays of members voicing opinions and allows students to come together to solve problems and deal with issues.

Rock the Vote
Dedicated to keeping teens informed about issues affecting their lives. Explains the importance of voting.

Teen Matters
Information on stress, depression, body image, suicide, drugs and alcohol, bullying and relationships.

Seeds of Peace
Organization that helps teenagers from regions of conflict learn the skills of making peace. Event calendar, news, articles, ways to help, information, and camp opportunities.

Schools Not Jails
Provides news and forum about variety of social issues including education reform, globilization and militarism, youth movements, and organizations.

Eye on Education: Students' Voices
Information on the Education Reform Act, No Child Left Behind, local events, and student diaries produced by YWCA's Youth Voice Collaborative.

Offers online and phone services for teens who require assistance in resolving certain issues. Hotline is only for westchester county area teens.

IPL Teenspace
Covers topics such as abuse, babysitting, safety, driving, cultural diversity, disabilities, homelessness and law.

Victory Over Violence
Addresses the alarming escalation of violence and decreasing respect for life.

More Issues Sites