Cincinnati Children's Hospital: Teen Health
Health information about the adolescent anatomy, common conditions, diagnoses, treatments, medical tests, procedures and wellness.

Comprehensive information about orthodontic care for teen orthodontic patients.

Teen Health
A collection of health related facts every teenager should be familiar with pertaining to social concerns, nutrition, substance abuse, sexual and emotional health.

Helpful information for teenagers in assessing problems and strengths. Provides cartoon situations and interactive stories where endings can be changed.

Social Advocates for Youth
Offers programs and services for at-risk teens in Silicon Valley including counseling, emergency shelter, independent living skills, and mentoring.

TeenLink of Oklahoma
Forums, monitored chat, and Ask-A-Doc program where teens can ask real doctors about their health concerns and get answers within 48 hours.

On the Teen Scene
FDA Consumer magazine periodically runs articles with important health information for teenagers, ranging from nutrition and sun safety to eating disorders and attention deficeit disorder.

The Dreamsurfer Network
Provides a password-protected, counselor-supervised, Internet support and education network for 12- to 18-years-old who are battling life threatening illnesses.

Children First: GT
Health advice and information from the UK's children's hospital, Great Ormond Street.

Public service web site focussed on teen health issues. Also includes college info and survey data.

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