Camp La Jolla
A weight loss and fitness vacation at the beach in La Jolla. Contains details of programs, accommodation, and enrollment. Camps for pre-teen girls 8-12 and teens 13-18.

Camp California Fitness
Located in Turlock, California, this all girls program features nutrition awareness, fitness programs, self-image counseling and an aftercare follow up program.

National Academy of Fitness
Boarding school for weight loss offering an adventurous summer camp program for girls ages 12-18. Includes description of program, activities, and facility.

Camp Pennbrook
Recreational land and water activities, as well as speciality, food, and tripping programs. Focus is on building self-esteem. Located in Pennsylvania.

New Image Weight Loss Camps
Describes programs designed to help young people lose two to four pounds per week. Includes schedule and fee chart. Camps based in California, Florida and New England.