Sport- Science at The Exploratorium
This site examines the science behind the most popular team and recreational sports. Find out how skateboarding is governed by the principles of momentum, gravity, and friction. Discover why a curveball curves, why a ball bounces, and why the most important piece of equipment is youe feet.

Girls @ Play
Profiles Canadian female sports heroes, answers basic questions about health and fitness, features current sports news, and identifies places kids can get in the game.

Which Sport is for You?
Designed to help kids in 4th-6th grade choose which commonly played team sport they will enjoy the most. Tells what experts have to say, how much equipment costs, and what sort of body build is required in order to successfuly play each sport.

Massage Tables
Find massage tables, massage chairs and massage supplies with the Massage King.

Youth Trapshooting
Learn about trapshooting from cleaning to safety. Read current news, or play a skeetshooting game online.

Extreme Sports
Can you do the "acid drop" or the "backside disaster"? This site invites sports to experience the extreme sports of rock climbing, skateboarding, and in-line skating, and learn about training and equipment needed, techniques of the sports, safety tips, and possible injuries.

Fishing Information for Kids
Guide with tips and how-to for the young angler. Also includes a parents area.