Kool Paper Airplanes
Instructions for folding paper versions of real airplanes with information on the actual planes.

Paper Aeroplane World
Free original paper airplanes with illustrated instructions. Also featuring design tips for paper airplanes, evaluations and the full rules of the Paper Aeroplanes War.

Alex's Paper Airplanes
Diagrams and instructions for making paper airplanes. Also monthly poll and newsletter.

Paper Aircraft Association
The site of Andy Chipling, who works with the Guinness Book of Records to produce the rules for official paper aircraft records. Includes information on paper aircraft history, and duration, distance, wingspan records.

The Best Paper Airplane
Folding and flying instructions for a single reasonably high performace paper airplane.

McShane's Planes
An index of 6 unique paper aeroplanes, some with high performance levels, with folding instructions which require a degree of skill to follow.

Building the Egret
Single paper airplane from the book 'Best Ever Paper Airplanes' by Norman Schmidt used with permission of Sterling Publishing Co.