The American Congress
Online textbook on congressional politics.
Features debate and discussion boards, political questions and answers, and information about U.S. government.

United States - CIA for Kids
Learn how intelligence is gathered and what agents really do.

Social Security Kids Stuff
Animal friends give a simple explanation of how the U.S. Social Security system works.

Ask Government
Students participate in live monthly webcasts with government leaders by asking questions and offering comments about their government.

CIA's Homepage for Kids (6th-12th Grades)
Learn what they do, focusing on activities of particular interest to kids. Includes links to other US government sites for kids.

USA Government
Articles, charts and and quizzes to help students learn the basic structure of American government.

Foreign Affairs for America's Youth
U.S. government site helps students expamine diplomacy, social studies, government, and global issues.

Oyez Baseball
Builds Supreme Court knowledge through America's favorite pastime. Compares baseball players and Supreme Court Justices through facts and trivia questions in an interactive ball game.

Crossroads: Choosing Liberty
What government is all about and why it matters to you. Interactive text, with quizzes. Includes text of core documents.

More Government Sites