Time for Kids: Tearing Down History in Afghanistan
Describes the Taliban's efforts to destroy all religious statues in the country.

CultureGrams: Afghanistan
Includes fun cultural facts, country flag and its symbolism, national anthem, and demographic data.

WashingtonPost.com: The Road of Last Resort
An article by David Finkel about the plight of refugees who have abandoned their homes after 22 years of war and a drought. Photographs and slide show.

BBC News: Who are the Taleban?
Tells who these people are, how they come into power, and what they have done since assuming control of the land.

Time for Kids: Why Afghanistan?
Explores how this poor, drought-ridden country became the main target behind U.S. military strikes in retaliation for the Sept. 11 attacks.

Afghanistan - Surviving in the Mountains
Find captivating images of the people and places of this country and learn a little about life in the mountains.

Learn about this country's role in the rivalry between the two superpowers.

Encarta Encyclopedia: Afghanistan
Introduces the land and its people. Includes information on the country's past, its current government, and the culture that prevails today.

All About Afghanistan for Kids and Teachers
Provides basic information on the country, the current food crisis, and Oxfam's humanitarian relief efforts.

Afghanistan for Kids
See what Afghan people eat and wear, learn about their crafts, and read a story from the Middle East.

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