Mass Entertainment
Offers a glimpse into the turn-of-the-century entertainment world. Features highlights from the 1903 World Series, the St. Louis World's Fair, Coney Island, and the circus.

1900 vs. Now
A fun look at how the world changed from 1900-1998. From TIME Magazine.

The Roaring Twenties
A look at how inventions shaped the culture of the early 1900s. Includes information on radio, appliances, the automobile, and the movies.

Twentieth Century History Quizzes
Includes math, trivia and vocabulary. [Requires Macromedia Flash Player 6]. GCSE History Notes
GCSE revision notes, covering Germany, the Treaty of Versailles, interwar diplomacy, the causes of World War II, Russia, and the Cold War.

World History
Articles on Imperialism, the Russian Revolution, World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.