ThinkQuest: The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy
Award winning site by American high school students. Includes accounts by survivors, a summary, a timeline, audio clips of Holocaust survivors, several interactive features, a camp layout, and quizzes.

Frankel-y Speaking About World War II
Stanley Frankel's award winning account of the months he served in the Solomon Islands and Philippines.

ThinkQuest: Through Our Eyes and Hearts and Minds -- World War II: Past, Present, and Future
A look at some of the ravages of World War II, internment camp, Hiroshima, and Pearl Harbor, and at the causes of war, such as nationalism, imperialism, and alliances. Includes as section on seeking peace and communication between students from Hawaii and Japan.

Lest We Forget: World War II
Essays, pictures, timelines, and speeches dealing with all aspects of the war in all theatres.

ThinkQuest: The Diary of Anne Frank
Site presents 5 projects to gain understanding World War II and of what Anne's life was like.

The Blitz: The British Home Front
Tells how Britain survived World War II. Includes photos, posters, and easy-to-understand text

The Second World War: the Pacific Theatre
Provides a one-page summary of the war in the pacific, a timeline of critical events grouped by years, in-depth articles about major battles, photographs, and interviews with four veterans.

Number the Stars
Grade 5 students present an illustrated summary of Lois Lowry's book "Number the Stars" and present some basic facts about World War II and the holocaust as an introduction.

Aleutian World War II National Historic Area
Tells the story of the islanders evacuated by the U.S. government just six months after Pearl Harbor. Includes a special section just for kids with a survivor's story and coloring pages.

World War II Posters: Powers of Persuasion
An exhibit of World War II posters from the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration.

More World War II Sites