Roman Life
Includes a brief history of the Roman Empire, time line, facts and bibliography.

The Impact of the Military in the Fall of the Roman Empire
Examines the role the military played in the ultimate collapse of the Roman Empire.

On Roman Numerals
Check out the roman numeral converter.

The Romans in Britain
An interactive site designed for 7-10 year olds, including a fun quiz.

A Roman History Timeline
Shows the chronological relationships of political/military, legal, literary/artistic, and social aspects of Rome in various periods.

The Roman Empire: Children's Section
Includes history, achievements, builders, evils, gods, and maps. Also picture tours and class projects.

Roman History
The Etruscans, Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic, Punic Wars, Conquest of the Hellenistic Empires, Republican Crisis, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Imperial Rome, 14-180 AD, Calamitious Century. 180-284 AD, the Late Empire

Echoes from the Ancients
Highlights an archaeological dig at a site where Jewish men, women and children held off trained Roman forces for 47 days. From PBS.

Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Learn about the lifestyles, family life, pastimes, education, and social life of the ancient Romans.

Sample Plan of a Roman House
Click in any room to find out more about it.

More Rome Sites