Ongoing Tales Salute to America
Features lyrics of patriotic songs, the Pledge of Allegiance, and other important documents.

Exploring Maryland's Roots
Explore the shores, build a plantation, and meet the people of early Maryland in this interactive website by Maryland Public Television.

Old Sturbridge Village
The museum re-creates the daily work activities and community celebrations of a rural 19th-century town in authentic living history fashion.

American Slave Voices
Traces slavery in America from its earliest origins to post-Emancipation. Includes links to primary sources and personal slave accounts.

Colonial Kids
This celebration of life in the 1700s tells all about life in Colonial America. Includes interviews, games, video excerpts, photographs, and other activities.

The Oregon-Trail
This web site is based on the award-winning documentary film from PBS. Read about the history of the trail and see the historic sites located along the trail.

Mrs. Doss's History Web
Directory of Bible and American history links.

Study sheet about puritans and how they are related to the early colonial times in america.

Zoot Suit Riots
Learn about the controversy surrounding the Zoot Suit Riots in Los Angeles, 1942. From PBS.

SPNEA: Whiz Kids
Take fun history tests from 1600-1900's. Also includes recipes by the century.

More United States Sites