NOVA Online: Lost City of Arabia
Join a team of archaeologists as they search for Ubar, the lost city of Arabia, and see how they apply the technology of remote sensing to "see" the site without actually excavating it.

Archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg
Simple look at what archaeology is and how it enhances the study of history. Includes games and projects kids can do at home.

North Ferriby Bronze Age Boats
Information on the three bronze age boats found by the River Humber at North Ferriby

Archaeology For Kids On-line
Like mud pies? Ever eaten dirt? Think learning about the past is cool? Maybe you have the makings of an archaeologist.

Voyage into Archaeology
Provides a look at what archaeology is, interactive adventures, a glossary of terms, and expert answers to common questions.

Archaeological Adventure
ThinkQuest project explains what archaeology is and its methods and techniques. Examples of significant discoveries including Troy, Shiqmim, the Egyptian Pyramids. Glossary.

Mummy Bear
Trace Mummy Bear's history to learn about the process of mummification.

Kids Dig Reed
Includes a virtual tour of the dig, gallery of artifacts, games and puzzles, and a talking cow.

Filed Archaeology
Offers basic information on field and landscape archaeology.

You Wouldn't Want to be an Egyptian Mummy
Web book with interactive graphics outlines the steps involved in making an Egyptian Mummy.

More Archaeology Sites