Etna - That She Blows!
A photo essay from Time recording the erruption of the volcano from July 12 - 27, 2001.

Cinder Cones
View a photograph and learn some basic information about this type of volcano.

An Analysis of Mt. Etna
Contains information related to the volcano Mt. Etna including formation, location, history, consequences, benefits, preventative measures, and comparison with other volcanoes.

NOVA: Volcano's Deadly Warning
Companion Web site to the NOVA program. An interview with seismologist Bernard Chouet, who has come up with a new method for predicting volcanic eruptions.

VolcanoWorld: Volcanoes Erupting
Watch fascinating video clips of volcanoes erupting.

Volcanoes of Other Worlds
A look at volcanoes on Mars, Venus, the Earth's moon and Io.

Lists information about volcanoes such as why they erupt and what they are made of. Also contains activities and links to other informative sites.

Volcano World: Top 101 Ask a Volcanologist Questions
Questions about volcanoes in general, and about specific volcanoes.

Popocatepetl in Central Mexico. Includes refreshable images and background information.

VolcanoWorld Kids' Door
Includes stories about volcanoes by children's author Jane Kurtz, school project ideas, legends, virtual field trips, and games.