Spectrum Biographies: Benjamin Franklin
Detailed account of Franklin's life written for student audiences.

Encarta: Franklin, Benjamin
Encyclopedia article provides an overview of Franklin's life and the many roles in which he served.

Benjamin Franklin: An Enlightened American
A comprehensive student-produced loon at Franklin's life, including a biography, quotations, anecdotes, interesting facts, and detailed descriptions of his inventions.

Benjamin Franklin: A Man of Many Talents
Second graders present this simple biography complete with a timeline, a collection of sayings, and the story of his experiments with the lightning rod.

Ben's Guide: Benjamin Franklin
Tells about Franklin's contributions as a printer, librarian, inventor, and statesman. Also includes a timeline of his life.

The Electric Franklin
A comprehensive look at Franklin's life and the way it continues to shape American thinking and action. Includes biographies, video clips, timeline, articles, and games.

The Invention Dimension: Benjamin Franklin
Brief biographical sketch emphasizes Franklin's role as the first major American inventor.

Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History
Offers an in-depth look at the many phases of Franklin's life.