Science Fair Preparation
Includes questions to ask at each step in the process to ensure that your project is successful.

Science Fair Primer
Includes resources from start to finish, including narrowing your topic, analyzing data, and preparing an exhibit.

A Science Fair "How Not To" Guide
From the Worsley School, a sample science fair project that was purposefully done poorly. The project is presented and analyzed.

Alex's Science Fair Projects
Ideas for science fair projects in physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy.

The Ultimate Science Fair Resource
Includes ideas for projects, step-by-step project instructions, links to other resources, and a board where students can exchange ideas.

Solar Energy Fair Projects
Topics, ideas and resources including solar cells, solar home, solar cars, heat appliances, photosynthesis and sample projects.

Earthquake Science Fair Project Ideas
Projects and ideas dealing with earthquakes, faults. and plate tectonics. From the U.S. Geological Survey.

Science Project and Fair Ideas
A collection of close to 2000 ideas for science projects. Also available in PDF format for printing and in .lit format for e-book readers.

Steps to Prepare a Science Fair Project
Written by and for elementary science students in a Minnesota public school.

Science Fair Projects Ideas
Users are provided project ideas using Shockwave activities in various topics of scientific discovery.

More Science Fairs Sites