Natural History Museum: Cats! Wild to Mild
Highlights of the exhibit include interactive displays and dioramas featuring feline species from around the world including jaguars, lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats, and wild cats, as well as a skeleton of a cheetah.

Anatomically Correct: The Online Cat Dissection
Includes video, diagrams, and interactive dissecting.

Nature: Extraordinary Cats
Includes interviews with some of the people who breed these furry animals, an in-depth look at the unique ability cats have to find their way home, and the ways in which they defend themselves and their offspring. From PBS.

Big Cats Online
Introduces the various species living in the wild today.

Family Felidae
Find out more about cats and their feline counterparts. Focuses on scientific facts and numbers concerning these animals.

Leopard Cat
Contains information such as body size and habitat about the Leopard or Bengal Cat.