The Appalachian Mountain Jellyfish
Explains the appearance, life cycle, and feeding habits of the freshwater jellyfish.

Glossary of Jellyfish
A guide to jellyfish found more commonly in the Gulf of Mexico.

Something's Lurking in the Sea
Tells how jellyfish sting and provides tips for those unfortunate enough to encounter the creature's tentacles.

Jewels of the Sea
Virtual exhibit from the Oregon Coast Aquarium provides information about the anatomy, life span, and relatives of the jellyfish. Also includes streaming footage from the Aquarium's JellyCam.

Printable chart and fact sheet show the life cycle of the jellyfish. From

Aquafacts: Jellies
Natural history information from the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre.

Swimmers Beware: Jellyfish are Everywhere
Article from National Geographic World tells about jellyfish and the danger they pose. Includes tips for avoiding stings.

The Box Jellyfish
Provides information about the deadliest sea creature, The Box Jellyfish.

Aurelia Aurita (Saucer Jelly, Moon Jelly, Common Sea Jelly)
Contains information such as habitat, food habits, and behavior of the Moon Jelly.

Scyphozoan Jellyfish Basics
Lists details such as the structure, life cycle, and life span of jellyfish.

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