Facts about the enemies, diet, and habitat of one of nature's best composters.

Image gallery of different centipede species. [

Enchanted Learning: Centipede
Facts and a printout of the fast-moving, carnivorous, venomous invertebrates with a flattened body and many legs. [Chilopoda]

Provincial Museum of Alberta: Millipede
Facts about the millipede's habitat, background, and how to establish a terrarium. [Diplopoda]

World Almanac for Kids: Centipede
Facts concerning the centipede, a long, segmented animals with jointed appendages and a poisonous bite.

Giant West African Millipedes
Pictures, facts, and how to care for and breed giant millipedes.

Enchanted Learning: Millipede
Printout and description for the Millipede. [Diplopoda]