Ethiopian Calendar
Discusses which calendar Ethiopia uses and gives a list of the month's names and public holidays in Ethiopia.

Calendar, a History
A history of the western calendar, including the Gregorian and Julian and Roman Calendars, and how the days of the week and months got their names, and a history of time.

Calendars Through the Ages
Discusses currently used and unused calendars such as Chinese, Christian, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, Ethiopian, Balinese, Bahai, the French, Mayan, Roman, and some modern schemes for calendar reform. Includes timelines and all about how our week came into being.

Today's Date
Today's date from the Gregorian calendar that we use into the calendar dates of the Mayan, French, Islamic, Hebrew, Julian, Ethiopic, Coptic, Chinese, Julian, and Discordian calendars.

Counting the Days
World Book Encyclopedia takes a look at calendars, including the history of calendars, and educational activities that relate to calendars.

Calendar Studies
Articles on the Gregorian and Julian calendars, the ISO date format, the Julian day number system, the Maya calendar, the Goddess lunar calendar, the Liberalia Triday Calendar and C functions for date conversion; plus software for calendrical conversion.

What a Calendar Is
World Book Encyclopedia takes a look at calendars, including the history of calendars, calendars in use today, ancient calendars, and what a new calendar might look like.

Phase of the Moon
Calendar showing the phase of the moon for this month or a month/year of your choice.

The Ancient Calendar
The ancient calendar, its origin, problems, and development, plus a look at the names of days of the week

The French Revolutionary Calendar
Convert any date since 1792 to the Jacobin calendar, a calendar that came out of the French Revolution but was ultimately not permanently adopted.

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