Hungarian Words and Phrases
Teaches basic Hungarian words and phrases, numbers, months, and days. Each word and phrase has its own WAV file to help pronunciation.

A revision resource which helps with learning French, Spanish, German, and Italian. For older students and requires free registration.

Education Guardian - Language Learning
Specially selected articles, written and audio, to broaden vocabulary and grammatical skills while also learning more about each country. French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Mr Russell's French and Spanish Help
Many activities for learning French and Spanish, created by a teacher at Prospect High School in Illinois.

Learning American Sign Language Using Alphabet Flash Cards
Activities for learning the Sign Language alphabet by using American Sign Language Flashcards.

Hebrew for Me
A collection of interactive, Hebrew mini-lessons from Jewish/Israel sites around the world.

Modern and Ancient Alphabets
Displays more than 30 alphabets from around the world.

Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes
Java quizzes to test your vocabulary in over 20 languages.

Place to learn languages and meet people from all over the world. Uses My Vocabulary, a tool that creates word lists and manages them.

Animated project to learn some words in Lithuanian

More Foreign Languages Sites