Harry Potter Fan Base
Offers a series of active message board; registration required to post.

Aneesah's Harry Potter Site
Features computer- and hand-drawn fan art, along with wallpapers, bookmarks, e-cards and links.

Harry Potter Fan Page
Includes quiz, forum, photos, rumors and predictions, news, recommended reading and animation characters.

Potter Power
A Hogwarts Challenge and stories behind the stars of the movie from TimeForKids.com.

Harry Potter Rumor Hall
Rumors, fanfics, polls, a trip to Hogwarts, and tips about what to read in between books.

Features interactive forums, Potter profiles, and information about the books and the movie.

The Great Hall
Fansite with news, forums, lessons, interviews of J.K. Rowling, and book reviews.

Interactive Hogwarts School. Includes the sorting hat, Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade shopping, classes to earn points for your House, Quidditch Cup tournament, and O.W.L.'s.

A Harry Potter Fan Site
Games, pictures and information about the books and movies.

The Magic of Harry Potter
Features updates, reviews, games, eCards, a library and a discussion board.