OZ and Beyond
Electronic text versions of Oz and other L. Frank Baum books.

Electronic Text - Works of L. Frank Baum
Electronic text for the works of L. Frank Baum archived at the University of Pennsylvania Digital Library.

ClassicReader.com - L. Frank Baum
Provides texts for 15 of Baum's fictional works.

The Seamonkey Oz Site
Creative writing and lots of artwork related to Oz. Much of this site is done by children.

L. Frank Baum
E-texts for the Wizard of Oz books. Presented with the aid of an applet which allows the choice of font size, spacing, and color.

Under The Sun - Electronic Texts
This site offers the works of L. Frank Baum online, as well as a biography and other Baum/Oz links.

Building Rainbows book reviews - L. Frank Baum Electronic Literature
L. Frank Baum classics to read with provisions to provide book reviews for each of the books.